Všetko je inak! Nemohúci starci sú neraz hodnotnejší, ako produktívna mládež!

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Generally accepted clichés can often be incorrect. The current preference for young people and youth due to productivity and economic benefits because falls, if we look at in terms of the real value of life and being human, because we find, the contribution of older people may be much higher and much more substantial, than our company is not able to admit. But unfortunately it does not live always, But under certain circumstances, which can be definitely know.

We know, that old age brings with it many problems. as individuals, as well as mental. And one of the key psychological problems it lives, that many older people at the end of their working life can not long remained preoccupied with a strong sense of futility. feeling, yet additionally supported by the nature of the present time, which sees the whole point of being human only in the ability of creating material values. It is then, of course, easy to understand, if someone loses this ability, feels useless. It feels a nuisance. feels, as they say, now only the number. This troubled many elderly people and their internally it devours.

Everything is in fact quite different and even nerveless man, dependent on foreign care may in certain circumstances for our world and our planet more useful, as thousands of people in the most productive age.

These facts I very strongly realized in the same words the old man, which really deeply troubled, that it's up to the number. But what if he just belongs to a number of fair, that light up the value of their righteousness still maintain justified duration of human existence and being on the planet?

Our planet, but in a broader context and our entire universe it is in fact a big stage battle two opposing forces. The forces of Light and the forces of darkness. And each of us, individuals, with their attitudes, thinking, values ​​and actions always assigned to the first, or the second category.

Videlicet, always either we become servants of Light, or servants of darkness. We always have to finally decide, which side is added, because the two chairs was not long sit. So we always had, How to write, only "one of the two masters love and hate the other". No a to, which side is added to most people, most people and most of the world's population then forms a specific destiny of every individual, every nation, or the whole planet.

Thus, if most of us opt for light and its values, We will certainly walk towards a brighter future. If we decide to darkness and its values, waiting for us necessarily obscure future.

Light and its value is justice, generosity, good, selflessness, humanity, tactfulness, modesty, esteem, uprightness, morality, inner purity and in real life lived spirituality.

Darkness and its values ​​is injustice, evil, languor, dishonesty, lie, fraud, cupidity, karierizmus, immorality, internal contamination, formal Spirituality, but thoughtlessness, konzumnosť, shallowness and low materialism.

Most people of our world is its value orientation voluntarily decided to walk the path of darkness and therefore his personal destiny, fate own nation and the fate of the entire planet heading into darkness. The darkness of destruction! The darkness and destruction of our planet, but also to the absolute ultimate degradation of self. This must be clear to everyone, who lives in the contemporary world and sees its basic value orientation.

And in the situation, when the majority of the population of the world has chosen the path of darkness, directed to the destruction of, is extremely valuable each person, single, that on the contrary, their overall life orientation has chosen the path of Light. positive way, constructive and good values ​​of those building, that hold our world and prevent its collapse totalna.

Without these people would have in fact had all long since fall apart, because the legitimacy of the existence of life and being on every planet is conditioned only by maintaining constructive and those building the values ​​of Light. Without losing the privileges of their existence any living being, and any. Without them, everything must therefore necessarily lead to self-destruction and self-destruction.

If it does not retain him by matching the number of the righteous!

Because only this, the relatively small number of fair keeps alive the planet and preventing the extinction of all contacts, What is in it. Such is unfortunately the reality without, It would be aware of the seriousness of the immense majority of people, serving darkness.

If, however, we revert back to our theme of old people, who feel useless and no longer only in number, You should deeply understand, that far from being useless and does not do number, if their overall standard of value orientation are just ahead of the righteous, who hold our Earth and prevent its extinction. And this is extremely valuable! This fact brings light to Earth! And this Light dispels darkness, that would like to seize it completely.

Therefore, it is unnecessary No human life, which in this sense the bearer of Light. Whatever he was however old and however nerveless. Most decisive criterion of quality of life and its true value is not in fact nothing else, just as world peace, we are able to anchor and mediate its existence.

This is the actual value! These are truly worthy people! Only such a person, even if it was in any way nerveless, or old is actually much more beneficial for the planet, like thousands of other people of working age, immersed in the average, Standard selfishness of his ministry dark values.

Therefore, it was also said, the first will be last and the last first. For the first in the world of dark values ​​become especially people, who themselves prefer these dark values. Great honor all exceptions!

The true value and hence truly worthy people are contrary to our world, displacing sideways, to the last place, although currently they are in fact those first. The first in a line of Light, giving further justification to life on earth. they are the first, they are actually people! A humanity, true humanity only man lends his efforts to highlight values.

there because, where there is no such efforts are gradually losing the humanity, until it finally disappears completely. Then it remains now only animal dark values, more and more astringent into the darkness of ourselves and the world. Only the noble values ​​of the world can give great value to every man, which is not focused regardless of, is what kind of age.

And just for the high basemen, to this profound life wisdom should have reached the end of his life, in her old age everyone. Because only he lived right, Who came up here, although perhaps at a younger age for some time she indulged in false values.

There is nothing sadder but, if the old man at the end of his life ripe for this kind of wisdom. If ultimately he remained only petty, argumentative, permanently dissatisfied and full negativity, which piles up on your neighborhood. In this way, then unfortunately in a sense it becomes many old people really burden. But not his age, nor his powerlessness, but their constantly negative mental tuning, without true wisdom. This fact added to the general approach of our world into ruin exactly the same, than most people of working age, consciously or unconsciously slúžacich darkness.

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