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Nie recenze, ale osobny postreh ku knihe Romana Michelka : European dictatorship between the wars.

Be borne by a review of the political situation in the interwar period For most countries. Media and school focuses only on those "important". This booklet describes uzučká except Germany, Italy and Spain and other smaller countries that are democratic structures popasovali, but in the end there prevailed dictatorship. Unfortunately booklet is to uzučká so information in it are quite Shortcut. Definitely would have some information requested clarification. For example, why Romanian Guardsmen fired synagogue, strongly protest against government. Perhaps ruled Jews? Or why the White called white terror?

Personally, I found there a heap of new information, because I was personally addressed only to Germany in this period and that Balkan and Baltic dictatorships have been less surprising to me. Unfortunately I Michelko skytyzovať protalmudský for his interpretation of history. It started on the fairy tale about six million, through various unfounded allusions to Hitler's personality to zamlčiavanie important information, where at the end when discussing Poland completely missed the German minority. To the person asking, Poles really only hurt Ukrainian and Belarusian minorities? A mention about hurting the German minority would have raised the question of the eligibility of the German intervention?

I do not know, Michelko a relatively sober view of the current political scene, but apparently even he does not want to have problems zbitočné and leaves the door open also to traditional media.

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